Use the 80/20 Rule When You Have Taken on Too Much

Divorce Lawyers in Columbia SCAre there times that you feel unorganized, overwhelmed, overstressed and you cannot seem to complete all the tasks set before you before the end of the day? Do you feel like your customers deserve more from you than they are getting because you cannot focus and are less productive? As much as you’d like to do more , sometime you take on too much and the challenges can overwhelm and spiral you into a constant state of highly unproductive “catching up”.
Because you cannot make a differentiation between what needs to be done and what can be put off without adverse effect, nobody is getting the very best from you. Far from it, and in other words, you’ve got into trouble identifying and prioritizing critical work to be performed and are bogged down with the unnecessary and mundane.

In a busy growing practice or business this is not an unusual scenario.  Many attorneys and business leaders have this problem from time to time. Overwhelmed but totally devoted to your clients, your families, your volunteer efforts and more – you’re on the hamster wheel of life. Stretched thin emotionally and mentally, you do your best every day merely to keep going thru the motions of your life. All this while keeping a smile on your face.  This is not a very productive and successful method to travel through your life or to conduct your business as a lawyer or professional of any kind.

Hope is in the fact you are not alone! So, here are some tips to get you back on top of your business and back on track in your life that were presented recently at a Divorce Lawyers in Columbia SC, conference (for more info on them visit:

I have read many times about the 80/20 rule and it applies here. First and foremost, you must realize that successful, highly successful people, never complete most of the tasks that are before them.  They often apply the 80/20 rule and take care of the 20% that is most important first.

By setting priorities based on the true importance of your tasks you can identify the top 20% of the ones typically that really are important and by doing them first this one act alone can increase your productivity. You can simplify everything in your life and set better priorities by keeping to this rule.

It will require devotion and self-awareness of what is most important to your happiness and success.  However, once you begin to prioritize based on the important of each task based on how it ranks in prominence of what you truly want in your life and practice, then you will start to feel the bondage of focusing on what you have incomplete is removed and replaced by the feeling of movement towards what is important and the things completed.   Over time, you will also notice that some of the things toward the bottom of the list will disappear and believe it or not your world will not end because of it.