Trends Affecting an Atlanta Law Firms Marketing Plan

Atlanta Law FirmsTechnology has transformed how consumers search for potential lawyers and Atlanta law firms are no different than probably any local law office. Conducting an online search to conduct extensive research into the market and search for the right lawyer, as well as looking into the many different cases this particular attorney has successfully defended, gives consumers a huge advantage in finding the perfect lawyer in todays high technology age.

Internet Research for the Average Client
According to Google, it is estimated that the majority of consumers make an online search when they are looking for a lawyer to help them with a legal issue. Before even beginning to talk to a local lawyer, most potential potential buyers do their homework in advance. This means that the more competitive lawyers will now need to anticipate and field any questions the client might have. If clients do their research, then the law firm must also do their homework in an effort to field those potential questions on their website or social media platforms. Lawyers must use just about all available resources accessible in their network to get as much knowledge out to the public.

Power of Using Video in Marketing

More people are visiting YouTube and watching these videos every day. YouTube continues to be the number one research destination for people looking for legal advice online from a reputable lawyer. Setting up a professional video about your practice or help concerning a legal issue, can bring your listing to the targeted market, giving them the ability to learn about the law firm before calling them. For more examples visit:

Law Firm Social Media
Social media is definitely an extremely effective source for building ones brand awareness and recognition as being law firm. Every Twitter and Facebook connection is considered a potential lead and should be treated like gold. When using social media marketing in your law practice, it’s important to remember it’s a reflection of the lawyer as a person. Because of this you should solely share things online which you would also share inside the office behind closed doors. This is definitely going to require some censoring at occasions.

Promoting Your Business the Right Way
Social media is a powerful way to connect with clients and prospective clients, so that means that you actually should connect and not use the platform as a soap box. Check your social media marketing outlets frequently, answering questions and return any likes and sharing. By keeping up with your social media presence, you will strengthen the notion that you are a lawyer that is current on local issues and always communicates with customers.