Trends Affecting an Atlanta Law Firms Marketing Plan

Atlanta Law FirmsTechnology has transformed how consumers search for potential lawyers and Atlanta law firms are no different than probably any local law office. Conducting an online search to conduct extensive research into the market and search for the right lawyer, as well as looking into the many different cases this particular attorney has successfully defended, gives consumers a huge advantage in finding the perfect lawyer in todays high technology age.

Internet Research for the Average Client
According to Google, it is estimated that the majority of consumers make an online search when they are looking for a lawyer to help them with a legal issue. Before even beginning to talk to a local lawyer, most potential potential buyers do their homework in advance. This means that the more competitive lawyers will now need to anticipate and field any questions the client might have. If clients do their research, then the law firm must also do their homework in an effort to field those potential questions on their website or social media platforms. Lawyers must use just about all available resources accessible in their network to get as much knowledge out to the public.

Power of Using Video in Marketing

More people are visiting YouTube and watching these videos every day. YouTube continues to be the number one research destination for people looking for legal advice online from a reputable lawyer. Setting up a professional video about your practice or help concerning a legal issue, can bring your listing to the targeted market, giving them the ability to learn about the law firm before calling them. For more examples visit:

Law Firm Social Media
Social media is definitely an extremely effective source for building ones brand awareness and recognition as being law firm. Every Twitter and Facebook connection is considered a potential lead and should be treated like gold. When using social media marketing in your law practice, it’s important to remember it’s a reflection of the lawyer as a person. Because of this you should solely share things online which you would also share inside the office behind closed doors. This is definitely going to require some censoring at occasions.

Promoting Your Business the Right Way
Social media is a powerful way to connect with clients and prospective clients, so that means that you actually should connect and not use the platform as a soap box. Check your social media marketing outlets frequently, answering questions and return any likes and sharing. By keeping up with your social media presence, you will strengthen the notion that you are a lawyer that is current on local issues and always communicates with customers.

Use the 80/20 Rule When You Have Taken on Too Much

Divorce Lawyers in Columbia SCAre there times that you feel unorganized, overwhelmed, overstressed and you cannot seem to complete all the tasks set before you before the end of the day? Do you feel like your customers deserve more from you than they are getting because you cannot focus and are less productive? As much as you’d like to do more , sometime you take on too much and the challenges can overwhelm and spiral you into a constant state of highly unproductive “catching up”.
Because you cannot make a differentiation between what needs to be done and what can be put off without adverse effect, nobody is getting the very best from you. Far from it, and in other words, you’ve got into trouble identifying and prioritizing critical work to be performed and are bogged down with the unnecessary and mundane.

In a busy growing practice or business this is not an unusual scenario.  Many attorneys and business leaders have this problem from time to time. Overwhelmed but totally devoted to your clients, your families, your volunteer efforts and more – you’re on the hamster wheel of life. Stretched thin emotionally and mentally, you do your best every day merely to keep going thru the motions of your life. All this while keeping a smile on your face.  This is not a very productive and successful method to travel through your life or to conduct your business as a lawyer or professional of any kind.

Hope is in the fact you are not alone! So, here are some tips to get you back on top of your business and back on track in your life that were presented recently at a Divorce Lawyers in Columbia SC, conference (for more info on them visit:

I have read many times about the 80/20 rule and it applies here. First and foremost, you must realize that successful, highly successful people, never complete most of the tasks that are before them.  They often apply the 80/20 rule and take care of the 20% that is most important first.

By setting priorities based on the true importance of your tasks you can identify the top 20% of the ones typically that really are important and by doing them first this one act alone can increase your productivity. You can simplify everything in your life and set better priorities by keeping to this rule.

It will require devotion and self-awareness of what is most important to your happiness and success.  However, once you begin to prioritize based on the important of each task based on how it ranks in prominence of what you truly want in your life and practice, then you will start to feel the bondage of focusing on what you have incomplete is removed and replaced by the feeling of movement towards what is important and the things completed.   Over time, you will also notice that some of the things toward the bottom of the list will disappear and believe it or not your world will not end because of it.

Look Out! Charleston Lawyers Say That Debt Collector Might Fe a Forgery

Thieves are currently appearing as collectors.

Charleston LawyersYou realize those pesky collectors could be calling and calling in the case you’ve actually dropped behind in making all your expenses. Calling won’t quit, as well as your relatives could get calls from the over- zealot companies paid to be searching for you, additionally adding to the stress and embarrassment making it all uncomfortable to endure.

I don’t feel sorry for you personally in case you’re intentionally attempting to duck your debt, anticipating it’s going to “just disappear”, states some Charleston Lawyers at a recent consultation meeting. But I actually do feel sorry for that hundreds, maybe thousands, which are getting threatened about obligations they don’t owe or being over charges for amounts that they do owe or the of individuals who are inundated with disgusting callers poising as actual creditors that in-fact may just be trying to get information from you.

Business collection agencies and the cons which are phony have become scary and predominant in our challenging economic times. They’re another cause to not answer your phone. National regulators claim to be trying to create consumer-centered strategies that can ward off these questionable, scary and demeaning people. The Federal Trade Commission stated it turn off one con this month that involved significantly more than 2.7 million calls to at least thousands of individuals and had possibly netted $5 million or more, and each call had unique telephone numbers spread over about 2 yrs, making it all very difficult to trace. Although thieves make an effort to defraud you for money that you don’t owe and could present as collectors, additional calls initiatives that are baseless might just be mistakes. As money owed/debt may get purchased out to other companies and therefore are handed to a different in-house collection agency or company, carelessness is rampant and information is gathered that may not be correct and careless employees may have incorrect phone numbers listed or worse purposely input them as erroneous.

However it is challenging for agencies to discover many times what might be an honest mistake and what is just an overall scam to defraud you. Criticisms about collectors are a few of the typical complaint that South Carolina State Agencies receive each year. Among 1 every 10 issues that the FTC deal with this past year was about business collection agencies. Nearly 7,000 South Carolinian’s wanted the FTC to aid them in a complaint of a of commercial collection agency problem.
Cons connecting pay day loan programs and debt collection are a double-whammy against people that are in the lower economic level.  They turn to these type loans for help more often and this opens them up to more of the scams. “For citizens who’re battling to financial burdens already and just trying to make ends meet this is especially a tragedy.  And this may find themselves being strong-armed by phone and scrupulous collection practices” Officially, SC citizens should be guarded to phony debt-collection calls related to paydayloans. And also be on guard that there are controls in place to guard also against excessive interest rate fees and assessments from these type loans. South Carolina state authorities claim they realize individuals are searching for loans online, and these companies may not be regulated by our state and therefore possible SC citizens might be uncovered by the very laws that we have enacted to keep them safe. Just in case you obtain a call on your phone from these debt collector requiring cash and threatening to lock you up or prosecute you, maintain your composure and don’t spend time on the phone discussing or giving information.  Seek some guidance with state organizations or contact an attorney.  Let them know that you plan to do so and do not give into their demand if you feel the person is not legit, regardless of how tough the person on the other end of the line gets.

If you would like more information on this subject or think you may have been called by an scrupulous collection agency visit: